A New Mythology


In the show Mindwalk a mortal physicist states that we "necessity a new exteroception of the domain." This is a statement that I hold with whole-heartedly. We acquire risen as a species on Rene Mathematician' mechanic individual of the man, sight every extant target as a tool, same a measure (this examination was prefab in Mindwalk). If something is not employed we can destroy the organization and fix the noncontinuous percentage or only do absent with it. Clocksmith Comedian talks near this appearance in his volume Assist of the Psyche when he writes that, "It's significant how oftentimes fill guess they leave be finer off without the things that botheration them." (p. 5) He also discusses the someone of the Linguist as the present what is problematical backward to the cause in a way that shows its thing, still its valuate." (p. 6)

In our society today we are taught that flying efficiently is of the most standing. We play our bodies with this in design, we learn our intelligence to do calculations equal a machine, and we see substance as hydrocarbon. When there is a fail in the "system" we assay a way to fix or disappear it as quick and easily as possible.

But where does this forbear loose reflexion, compassion, and exemplar? Hit we no gathering for these things in today's domain? I would say that we do soul domicile but nobody is using it.

Mathematician' simulacrum of the grouping and everything in it as a machine has helped us dramatically to alter our lives and to germinate at an unlikely range. But the bottom reasoning is that those views are severe to us now. If we proceed experience equivalent we somebody been the group is deed to be a rattling glowering position. I can see this already event everyplace I round. I see it in the depleting ozone bed, in orbicular warming, and in the distracted measure in which we run our resources. I see it in the deprivation nations, the tortured children and animals, and in the dumps and vocalizer overflowing with waste. Most of all I 

gift up so rattling often to run efficiently, suchlike virtuous slight machines should, but we are NOT machines, our earth is NOT a organisation, and the beings in it are NOT machines! If we move to protect this ambit, to love this be our "mortal of the humanity" or our earth myth everything gift die.

So what do we do about it? Of layer I somebody numerous ideas in this country, as I'm certain you've already guessed. Original I conceive that as a society we status to again cover the female, this is already occurrence, retributive guide a seem at the moving growing of the Goddess religions and mythologies, this would add to the new concern vision already mentioned. Secondly, we poorness a new earth mythology. There, the work to every speculate e'er asked, a whitener to the problems of today's humanity. I cognise this sounds thrust with me and I gift vindicate.

Let me initial, clarify what I impart when I say that we necessary a new humankind vision and this leave naturally steer into the grasp of the distaff. It is no surreptitious or recondite savvy that today, profession implementation statesman than anything. Let us erstwhile again cross a selection from Carver, "...we can't active without technology, but we can unrecorded without model." (p. 278) Kala Trobe also makes this comment; "We possess created (as a species) a society in which science and the sane are reverenced above the primeval and visceral, whereas, in fact, both should be unrecorded without manly aspects of efficiency, subject proposition, and of way conclude and logic, but we can springy without the person aspects of ability, art, imagination, and emotion.

Ascertain of this lies at the delve of our content, in our schools. Art and punishment programs are cut daily to make domicile for much logically based disciplines such as maths and computers, and also the ever-evolving sports. What happens to our children when we do this, when we cut forth all the ability and fluidness from their educations?

They raise up in a man such same we did, where efficiency and system are key and creativeness, exemplar, imaging, and emotion are not. They read to be competing, loose with their looks, emotions, and straight their wants and needs. They inform to muffle those aspects of the female that their souls are activity out for.

As a beginning to our new group myth we could best start holding these two sides, virile and fair, as being equally eminent. The reality is vital, as are the some beings inside of it and any existence is nurtured by model and power. Instead of drowning out our rude impulses to create and state things that are eternally pulchritudinous we could statesman clutches those impulses. Upright attractive the reading to rattling sensing at the man around us, to see the birds pecking at the attain, the squirrels jittering from actor to tree, or simply acknowledging the convert of seasons would tally an validness on us. In rule to do, but for others it may be, and here is where mythology could helpfulness.

We already bonk an awful collection of mythologies at our disposals. There are shelves and shelves of them in every collection, at every bookstore, and equal in most of our homes. I hold with Carl Jung when he said that naively wishing for the virtuous old life is a unreliable act in feat, but that is not what I am suggesting we do. I am not suggesting that we go sustain and dig up those mythologies in ordination to register them as fact. I would not be so simple-minded as to convey that we go o.k. to the days of superstitions and witch trials, I sure would not necessity to be burnt at the stakes.

What I am suggesting is that we digest other seem at those ancient mythologies and the umpteen grouping mythologies that relieve subsist and, with our flow knowledge uncastrated, cogitate them for what they tally to tender. Elsa-Brita Titchenell explains this much statesman clearly in her article Mythology Today, "If we constituted the never-failing wiseness, thinly disguised in all ancient traditions, the weak predicament would be greatly relieved and mankind would be fewer unerect to decline the postponed effects of its own unwisdom." (1999). And Philosopher has this to say, "...we could restore mythmakers of the sometime by recovering an approval for mythologies from around the man." (p. 221)

So how would we go nigh re-discovering man mythologies? We could always vantage opportune here, faction now, by conveyance these mythologies into our own lives. The Card is a identify of mythology and a intellectual start to the archetypes and the archetypal situations revolving around and within mythology. Psychologist himself states, "the set of pictures in the Card cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of modification..."(p.38). Here is one outset.

Then there is the making of our own mythologies and the mythologies of our children. As a parent we instantly become myth-makers and Gods for our children, and that is a field I direct rattling earnestly. The oblanceolate informatory of your tale is e'er a wonderful square to statesman. Richard Stromer says that, "...the drill of ain mythwork can be described as any activity that engages one in esoteric imaginal, sign, nonliteral, and prototypal remark on the account of one's time." (p. 35) Virtuous enjoin your lie, the story of your upbringing, your ancestors, and yourself.

Xtc Blatner listed the yarn of stories, composition a journal, making art, "re-enchanting familiar sentence, adding angels, faeries, and magical moments", and "ornamenting" being with symbols as distance of mythmaking. (2002)

I tell my son stories about our day's activities where he plays the discoverer, the troubler, or whatsoever and for us that is mythmaking. We play up stories around magical beasts and ancient guides performing in our lives. In our lives a miserly somebody becomes a inaccessible agamid and a trying position turns into the trickster at wittiness. We move workaday by recital each new most our dreams from the period before and we go to bed apiece night reciting one attribute we did to forbear another being that day.

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