Photo of the Day: The Dark Side of Saturn

Image Source: NASA via Yahoo.

Today, NASA released a photograph of Saturn, comprising many images of the planet which were taken this summer. The image spans about 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers) across. You can see Saturn's moons and several planets, including Earth, labeled (here or here) at NASA's site. This photo is true to colour, taken of the planet's dark side, with Saturn eclipsing out a view of the Sun. From Yahoo:
This is a mosaic of 141 wide-angle images taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft back on July 19th [2013]. If you recall, that was the date that Cassini was snapping a new 'Pale Blue Dot' image, to rival the one taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft back in 1990. Well, this is essentially the same image, but it's been adjusted to be as close to a true-colour image as possible. Therefore, Saturn and its rings look just as they would if you were standing on the deck of a spaceship, looking out a window as you flew around the dark side of the ringed planet.

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