Anniversaries ... and a Royal Horrorshow

Image Source: Thomas Kluge / Danish Royal Family Collection via Yahoo.

Thoughts go out today to all who are marking the grim 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK and those celebrating the happy 50th anniversary of the time-traveling TV series, Doctor Who (including Google!). What also caught my eye was this Flowers in the Attic-retro-styled portrait of the Danish royal family by Gen X Danish artist Thomas Kluge. From Yahoo:
A new portrait of the Danish royal family has been unveiled, and critics are saying something's rotten in Denmark. The painting, which depicts the group in a shadowy hall against a classical backdrop, is currently being displayed in Copenhagen's Amalienborg Museum. It took Danish artist Thomas Kluge four years to complete, though it may haunt him though the afterlife.

The work is being described by some as more Addams Family than royal family. Only three of the subjects make eye contact with the viewers, Queen Margrethe II, her son and heir apparent, Crown Prince Frederik, and his son, Prince Christian. The little boy, lit eerily from behind, is standing alone, front and center, while the other children play. He carries the weight of his duties-or is that the thoughts of his sinister deeds?-on his shoulders. To his left, his evil twin-like cousins build a blood-red tower, and to his right, slouched in an inky black corner, sits his little sister, Princess Isabella, blueish-lipped and hunched over a rag doll. She resembles none other than a six-year-old ... [Heather O'Rourke] cowering in the flickering light of a TV screen, seconds before her first run-in with a poltergeist.

The painting will "steal your soul," writes Fast Company and also claims it looks "Satanic" and "creepy" and describes the royal brood as "Damien-like progeny." The Daily Mail says it resembles a poster for a scary movie, and the gathering does have the feel of a season one American Horror Story reunion.

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