All Hallows' Eve Countdown: The Doctor's House

Photo © Daniel Marbaix. Image Source: Facebook.

Today, see urbex photos from photographer Daniel Marbaix. On his Facebook page, there is a huge collection of images, including:
The places Marbaix visits are sometimes still eerily furnished. When asked by followers how he finds these locations, he remarks: "Google is your friend."

The set of photos below the jump were taken in a doctor's abandoned house in Germany; a report from the Daily Mail speculates - as does Marbaix - on why the inhabitants left so suddenly, at some point between the 1960s and the 1980s:
Who were these people? Why did they leave in such a hurry? What happened here? The once-grand house is badly dilapidated but its rooms still boast gorgeous fixtures and items inexplicably abandoned, suggesting a sudden flight from the home by its occupants.
It's the sheer amount of items remaining in the home that shed a little light on who the occupants were.
[Sixties' c]oats hang on hooks, their colors still bright and handbags of polished leather look ready to be slung over a woman's shoulder.
The most eerie sight of the house ... is the physician's exam room, complete with instruments and slices of kidney set between glass, ready to be examined. ...
[Marbaix] ... says little is known about the home, but he says the home has been abandoned for at least 20 years.
'It looks like most of the family were killed in a car accident (found head stones for them in the house) and the lady of the house died shortly after leaving everything behind from work stuff... to personal photos and kids paintings,' he told Reddit readers.
Headstones - in the house? The details are sketchy. The house had fanciful posters of dressed female skeletons as one ascended to two examination rooms. There is a waiting room, or study, filled with books, and medical sample models of sliced human kidneys.

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