Anniversaries: 9/11 and Terror's Nihilism

Image Source: SND.

This post is dedicated to a friend who was under the first World Trade Center Tower as the first plane hit it on 9/11, and was engulfed in the cloud of toxic dust when the tower collapsed. May all those who were killed and who suffered that day be remembered today. Another grim anniversary today observes the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens (a picture of the aftermath in Benghazi is here) and three other Americans in Libya one year ago. Wikipedia's list of all terrorist incidents, in all countries, is here.

It is hard to absorb how completely 9/11 changed the world for the worse. We live with constant, daily reminders of its repercussions, most recently from the London beheading; the Boston bombings (graphic images of the aftermath here, here and here); the NSA's assertion that their surveillance programs have prevented 54 terrorist attacks; the sky-rocketing price of oil; and crises in Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere.

The other side of this coin is 9/11's erosion of reality. A conspiracy theorists' Web culture denies nearly everything in the news now and assumes it to be a photoshopped hoax or a false flag. This is as true in America as it is in the societies of America's allies, critics and enemies. Since 9/11, international affairs have become nightmarishly complex. But more nightmarish is the fact that 9/11 created a global Hall of Mirrors, where for most people, the truth and the difference between right and wrong have become infinitely relative.
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