Time and Politics 8: Alexey Navalny's Zombie Apocalypse

Alexey Navalny. Image Source.

Could a blogger become the Russian President? All eyes are on Alexey Navalny, the 37-year-old Moscow lawyer and activist. He uses blogging to tackle Russian corruption and shows immense political promise. Over the past three years, the consensus in the western press is that he is the Russian opposition figure to watch. In April of this year, he declared his intention to run for President. He registered to run for mayor of Moscow on the 17 July 2013.

Navalny's political hopes may increase or decrease as the Putin establishment has begun to crack down on him. Navalny was charged last summer on trumped-up charges. On 18 July 2013, he was sentenced to five years in jail for embezzlement, which could potentially break his political influence. He has just been temporarily released on the 19 July while appealing his sentence and has resumed his municipal campaigning.

A Matrix-like photo of Putin and supporters. Navalny said: "This is the real mafia family." Image Source: Navalny's blog, 16 July 2013.

On 19 July 2013, Navalny likened harassment from authorities to being chased by zombies: "I want to note that I would really like it if all my possible arrests and jailings had only this visual and musical accompaniment." This is the intro to the 2009 American film, Zombieland.
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