Generations X and Y Unveil Tax Haven Secrets

All smiles: "Left to right: Giannina Segnini (project manager), Rigoberto Carvajal (data scientist) and Matthew Caruana Galizia (developer)." Image Source: The Times of Malta. (Hat tip: Clyde Meli.)

The Times of Malta reports on an interesting new online resource:
A young Maltese man is one of a handful of journalists and web developers who helped to create Offshore Leaks, an international database exposing secret companies and funds in offshore tax havens. Matthew Caruana Galizia, 27, translated “big, very poorly constructed databases” into graphs that show the connections of every person or company involved.
This is another example of Generations X and Y being handed a dysfunctional world and turning it inside out with high technology. However, one commenter on the article reserves enthusiasm: "If I may ask where did he read this information from?" Good question. The app was developed by staff at La Nación newspaper in Costa Rica with over 100 journalists around the world for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based on publicly-available results from official investigations.
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